Sunday, March 2, 2008

EDIT: What're you so scared of?

Because of the incredible FAIL of this stupid website, apparently .gif images don't MOVE. *grunt*.

So I upload in movie version, which will also FAIL, because it's only SEVEN SECOND LONG! or maybe less than that. not actually a cat.

What're you so scared of?

Because of my complete awesomeness, there is a .gif image in this post.
Isn't that great?

In other news today, somebody could become instantly loved by everyone is he gave me a copy of Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop (MAC version only plx k thx).

Apparently you can make .gif images in Photoshop, which would be haell of a lot better than using some random trial program with only 17 trial usages left...
And illustrator is just freaking amazing. they has all these fun t()()ls and filters that will crash your computer and it's failure to have ram.

In still other news, blogs are weird. Wtf do people say in blogs? its very strange to me...