Saturday, May 10, 2008

coming soon to prove MS paint can still pwn

Another crazy "holiness explosion" type animation.

gawd, my eyes hurt. I worked on it for hour and a half just now. About a third done. *pant pant pant*

More snake...BREAD

I made teh secondness. it took me FOR-EVAR

Before the bolg becomes a series of Toasty images

OK Fong. And everyone else.

When you make a series of images, post them all at once, save to tell us "first in series, will post rest when finished" Because 1 large post is bettr than a bajillion sml posts.

I also have absolutely nothing to put up here right now, because Java is a dick.

for(java is a dick = yes; java keeps being a dick; java = java + wtf)

The toast.


The toast. He has it.
Oh, to have toast as he does.

Friday, May 9, 2008

a perty

I made it myself. It is not done, but it is fun. I will continue to work on this purty little thing, and post results later.

voices of the lifestream are talking to me constantly. unless i'm in a state of trance.

A Cat post actually about a g*d-damned cat.

First, 100 moneys to the person to draw a better levinsnake than Fong.

second: i wa thinking about my caat today. She is 2.

We got her at 8 weeks from teh Greenfield pound. Omg, she was so cute and climbing up the cage using the other kittens as ladders.

but I feel really bad, because she had a sister in there, and we SHOULD HAVE GOTTEN HER TOO, and I wonder if she's ok...she was one of those cats with the 6 claws on one paw...all unique n' shit.

gawd daymn it. curse a world where kittens are put to sleep.



Sh*tty leavened jpegs RIZE! wait, no, the SNAKE didn't.


Wednesday, May 7, 2008

mountain cottage fountain

This year's gone by too fast, but maybe that's a good thing. Because, because of that, the bruises and scars from various outdoor activities and general abuse from friends seem to fade more quickly.
I need to make more stuffz but I don't have any time. Damn this school and its school-ness. Cat. cat.

In the words of great debaters everywhere


The great so-pho-kels himself said so.
Also, click on the image to ensure the full viewing pleasure of the windmill.


Sunday, May 4, 2008

Look at me: I'm as hypocritical as a kitten up a tree...

So I might start letting Google put ads on this site, because I want the money so badly, it hurts a lot.


The problem is I hate the whole "money is everything" idea that most of our lives seem to revolve around, but I realy would like some extra capital, and I may not even get a summer job this year because of stupid people.

So there's something to think about.