Friday, July 25, 2008

all you without nintendo ds like me who wish to play the aweseom that is FFTA2:
then go
and download
and then google nocash emulator
and play!

Vaan, the space pirate!

I just met this one in ffta2!

yes, he's just as dumb as in ff12, and this time, he's actually wearing a shirt so you don't have to see his horribly animated abs.

random web images

because I'm freaking out about several life things,
I'm about to pass out
and there's no one on WoW

So i spent all damn vacation playing FFTA2 on my DS emulator for my compooter.

Current inventory:
Seventh heaven x2 (teaches ultima shot to hunters)
Rangetsu-denbu x1 (teaches dual-wield)
Zanmato x1 (teaches ultima masher to assassins)
Materia blade x1 (teaches ultima sword to gladiators and dumb moogles)
Lotus mace x1 (teaches giga flare)
and also whatever the thing is that teaches doublecast.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Whoooo doesn't update for weeks at a time?


Several things have happened.

1. My fucking software is here. Now I can draw things that look up to 3x better and STILL not update on time! :D

2. Baby birds are living in the windowsill next to the AC. Freebooters.

3. My bottom braces came off, and methinks I will have to see a dentist regarding one tooth in particular, which seems to have a slight structural integrity issue.

5. I forgot number 4

6. WoW still saps vitality, ingenuity, productivity, elasticity, (wate, wut?) from everything else.

Srsly. If you ever played SSBB online, the #1 choice of dumb people who have no skill is kirby, and they spam the over smash like little crack whores. Because...crack whores...spam the over smash...