Saturday, June 21, 2008

so long and thanks for all the fish

So, I'm in New York right now on a family vacation thing. My grandmother's family owns this house-mansion-thingy right on Lake Ontario. I used to come here every summer up until I was nine. Lots of fish, water, bugs, creaky old houses, small children, get the picture. It's out of use all seasons except for the summer, so it gets to be pretty groady without people to take care of it.

At any rate, this year my sort-of aunt and her children (8 and 6 years old) brought with them TWO KITTENS. And one of them's name is Ella. Which is confusing.

The moral of this post: zomg kit-tenz who like to biyte! and are ku-yte.

Thursday, June 19, 2008


So in the words of my 4 year old cousin eating salad "nom NOM!!!...... nom NOM!!!!"

/end transmission


Tuesday, June 17, 2008

“The only way to find true happiness is to risk being completely cut open.”

Just a warning, a disclaimer, a legal don't-shoot-or-yell-or-rant-at-me message prior to the actual message containing things that might force things to be thrown at me: This is going to be a post filled with emotions, boring things, and the only video game references will be to Wind Waker and WoW, but they will be brief. Oh yes, and it might be rather long. So feel free to skip, skim over, or actually read. I take no responsibility for your actions....anyway.

I've been reading a lot lately. Mostly Chuck Palahnuik (HAHA! I spelled it right), and Neil Gaiman. Palahnuik is most renowned for writing Fight Club (which I have never read) and has a really #&$*'d view on the world, but is a really good and interesting read. Gaiman is a fecking genius, really. Sandman is a good graphic novel series in itself, but his actual novel writing is phenomenal. In other words, I'm pale and now writing a novel of my own. But who knows how long I'll actually care enough to remember to write.

Y'know what sucks? When your internet goes out because of thunderstorms. Not the electricity, mind you, because if the electricity had gone out you would have reason to complain and whine and get sympathy. No, the internet. This means no checking SWIS, email, web comics, or playing WoW. Or watching terrible TV shows.

So, my internet was out until 4 this afternoon. I was forced to actually accomplish household tasks. >.< Dishes, playing Wind Waker, telling my dog to shut up and stop barking. And I felt really...cut off from the world. I am a leper without my interwebzorz.

Oh yeah and emotional blarg about NMH and friends in VT being angst-filled. OH, but I really can't complain about anything. YA RLY.

'Cause, well...I dunno. I had an awesome weekend. I'd been meaning to go to a concert (an actual concert. Read: rock or some form/sub-genre of), and lo and behold my friend Megan invited me to go with her and her friend Jonah to one on Friday night. The bands were pretty good for high school kids, and the company was definitely worth it. I drank about 4 energy drinks and we were up until 2 am. We had to wake up at 5.

Basically....I'm done. Erm. if I still had Photo Shop I would post something epic I made, but I deleted that (along with most of the files on my computer) to make it so I could actually play WoW.

To Quote Peter, Paul and Mary...

So I'm leaving, on a jet plane. But unlike the doofus in that song, I do know when I'm coming back. Next week, at about 12 am -_-;; . Fecking time zones.

Going to see everyone related to my dad through blood, marriage, or demonology. Most likely spend the whole time doing what I do here: play Gaemz all day, with the subtraction of World of Warcrack.

I want a mount. 4 moar levuls to go. T_T

I also want to not have a plane leaving at 9:30, because the airport is an hour away at least, and they say be there an hour and a half ahead of time.

If my DS charge runs out I am so choking a stewardess with the DM's Guide.

Chauncey is a TOTAL douche sometimes

Don't give me that look, you know exactly who Chauncey is. Or maybe you don't.
Anyway, he threw out the packing crates yesterday. He KNEW there would be a 10% market value rise of packing crates today, and that I planned to sell them in the orient.

Something dear uncle Dawson sent this morning with the postman:

The beast surely is angry, if even junior bards sing of it.

I will now eat this entire carton of cucumber slices mixed with woodchips. Doctor's orders for a healthy...nose...or something. Yes. A healthy nose.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Fall, Image Gundam!

jake told to me make an image, so I threw something together in photoshop.
Click on the image so you see more than half of it.