Friday, April 11, 2008

stupid stupid thing and the OTHER stupid thing that...GAAH!

Triple posted.

OK. putting EVERYTHING that EVER existed on photobukkit.

aaaand lets try this AGAIN!


Combining SSBM with Soul Calibur II is messy. But the following anim would have taken me 145,000 weeks/years if not for that thing with the stickfigures. in other completely unrelated news, my hand hurts. WAIT! I FORGOT! IT HATES MY GIF IMAGES! SO THIS PROBABLY WONT MOVE! HA HA!

Screw you blogger. Screw you all to hell. -_-

I posted on friday. what horrible thing will happen next?

So hooray for kittennom and the whole "look at me! I don't have to animate in MS paint anymore!" bit

so putting the lettering on haitus for a while, until I can get a mac version of 'shop. instead, will be animating soul calibur II style fights. so what if every numbskull on the interblog already did that? I wanna do it too.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

A round of applause for productivity


so nothing has been done about anything except WoW,

partially because I am trying to deal with two houses here, and only one has animation-type goodies at it.

I am currently trying to download the GIMP (no snickering), which is like MS Paint on crystal meth.

in other news today, MAAAAAAAIDEN!

EDIT AS OF NEXT MORNING: The GIMP is complete crap. You know why? its not actually "for" mac OS. it uses this fuck-tarded program called X11 which is fine if you salivate when you hear the words "open source" but NOT IF YOU JUST WANT TO DRAW .BMP IMAGES!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

WoW I'm uncreative

A post cat who is not the crazy xierfrogs one, is going to rant and rave about WoW. Although, I'm sure everyone reading this bolg has already heard the exclamations of zomfgtchyesss from us WoW players. *coughJedFongJakeElla*
Anyway, being low level sucks, because you can't get one of
<-------- THOSE
But, gnolls and harpies FTL. like srsly. go die.
There go any thoughts of homework I ever had. haha. yeah. right.