Saturday, June 7, 2008


there's really two types of posts on this bolg.
There's crazy-wierd-insane gamer/animator/person posts, and there's posts about life in general.
See asian sweat-drop emote in title.

well I would like new vocal cords, kthnx

I've randomly acquired laryngitis. I have no voice and I'm coughing like hell, and my throat is screaming at me to get it some cough drops. But I has no monies, as I spent them all on emo sunglasses, candy, a shirt for my dad, and other things that one can find in upper class America's malls. I hate malls. I generally hate consumerism, but I'm as much a hypocrite as any. I've been being driven around in a silver Porsche convertible, so that kind of off-sets the laryngitis.


Thursday, June 5, 2008

Can we get a replacement for eyes, now?

Started work on two new projects...I noticed that I draw things that mostly look alike: asplode-y type deals.

I also noticed that drawing in MS paint for 3 hours can really f*ck up your hand.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008


It makes me play WoW better. Er, longer. Er, waste more of my life.

Hehehe, sleep is for noobs.
1:37 AM right now. Gotta get up at 7 to go work for 6 hours on a house.
Vat eees dis "schleeeep" joo speek off?
How joo say in ingiliz? schleeep?


Sunday, June 1, 2008

So I'm a tired bastard and a sellout

Ok people, I now have Adsense. Which means that soon enough, there will be shiny buttons to click to annoy people here. CLICK THEM. It gives me money, something I desperately need.

Just finished going to about 6 parties, half for me and half for other people, so my eyes really hurt now.

Plus, due to a monster gamestop run, I has 5 noo gaemz to paly. My eyes!