Monday, March 10, 2008

Look to the Skies

Time for a still not actually a cat.

But it is time for a rant. (Albeit a short one).

Driving to greenfield today, and looked out the window. What I saw was a planet that got along perfectly fine until about 200 years ago, and now it is exhibiting symptoms that I liken to those a human cancer victim would exhibit. Why are we destroying our world? Look outside: it's beautiful out there. So what if it's fucking cold. Put on some fucking mittens then, and look outside. See the trees. See the snow. See the ice and the streams, and then...see the giant SUVs, and the packing plants, and the energy bills, and the polluted water, and the apathy in everyone, and it makes me wonder why are we doing all of this? What point does most of our polluting achieve that betters us? Nothing.
It benefits companies, but that doesn't help us much.

Our cars take us places so much faster, but where do they take us? The whole thing is a loop which produces nothing but mountains of garbage.
Even some of my greatest vices, such as SSBB...that is a product of this ridiculously wasteful society.
There are times I think we'd all do better farming and bartering, if we were all willing to work...but we're not.
At least, I'm not, and most people I know would groan for hours about such chores.
Carpal actually in pain now.
More talk later.

later this week or sometime we may see an (art) submission by a friend who shall be known as "deathcat" (who may or may not actually be a cat)

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