Friday, May 9, 2008

A Cat post actually about a g*d-damned cat.

First, 100 moneys to the person to draw a better levinsnake than Fong.

second: i wa thinking about my caat today. She is 2.

We got her at 8 weeks from teh Greenfield pound. Omg, she was so cute and climbing up the cage using the other kittens as ladders.

but I feel really bad, because she had a sister in there, and we SHOULD HAVE GOTTEN HER TOO, and I wonder if she's ok...she was one of those cats with the 6 claws on one paw...all unique n' shit.

gawd daymn it. curse a world where kittens are put to sleep.


David said...

Hey, don't be mean to leavened snakes... they've been through a lot. Like yeast.
Why am I the only one who #Q_($&@# comments?

kittennom said...

Ooh snakes with yeast infections. Not a pretty sight.
Kittens should be exempt from the whole putting to sleep thing. My kitten tried to climb a tree today and failed epically. He was like woot! woot! for the alliance--oh no. shit. no! Ahhhh! *fall* *ground smack* ged dominit.