Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The exists

Links to websites I've discovered that are hilarious, insightful, interesting, intelligent, entertaining, or otherwise good.
This is basically just a guy who goes on rants about things from Sky Mall to Metal Gear Solid. Besides his blog, the site includes videos, forums, captions of which I've yet to check out.
Made by ICHS, it's a lot like you'redoingitwrong, but much much funnier. Literally, the lolcats of failure.
Some guy's blog which has interesting links and posts. And...he's got his own webcomic of which you may or may not be familiar with. Meaning
Bad Photoshopping in the mass media world. Need I say more?
The blog to go along with the more widely known webcomic. More interesting/intelligent than hilarious.
Political stuff. Find stuff to rant about.
A cute and simple web comic/blog thing.
Fake celebrity bolgs. Anyone from Obama to Britney Spears, athletes, spiritual leaders. There are some really funny things on here.

Thassabout it. have fun wasting time, even if you find you hate all of the sites and the only time wasted it the five point oh-nine seconds you spend clicking and exiting.

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