Friday, August 29, 2008

Friendship Blossoms into Unrequited Love

Hampshire can be summed up with the following song lyrics:

"Mr. Jones and me tell each other fairy tales
and we stare at the beautiful women
she's lookin' at you, oh no yo,
she lookin' at me."

Dear god there r so many purty wuns. Like hory clap. Everyone made...idk...Str the dump stat or something. And Awesome the high stat.

That and everyone is smart as can be, all serious about the future and what have you.

So to make a pitiful story short, I met an awesome girl already, and was hanging out much lots of, until she makes a mention of-oh-boyfriend in Columbia. Not the school, the country.
She's going there to get laser surgery this summer.

Fecking Ged Dominit.

1 comment:

Omnipotent said...

drop a hint that you know how to perform laser surgery. and by surgery you mean amputation. XD. seems like you'll have a good time. besides, there's 4 years left for you.