Monday, December 1, 2008


Wc3 pathfinding sucks. balls.
To any who have not yet raid(read) machall...
read, lest cthulu consume your read-ers. er, eyes. and cause permanenet pathing errors.

Playing geeter heeero in band mode has left my fingers in a burning wreckage of carpal tunnel. time to revert to normal games that are not about pretending tohave musical talent.

Seeing as i don't have wrath, i'm essentailyl burned out of WoW forthe time being. I have resorted to lanning halo pretending to be a rock star.

If you desire happy pills for the ears, look up Alizée. french pop? yes. Against my religion? yes. So catchy it took my ears with grappling hooks? yus.

no, i kid you not.
... is it bacon icecream?
Yus. yus it is.

.... Good enough.
Posting completed.

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