Wednesday, March 18, 2009

so much stuff

Firstly: this blog
It's a lot of cute video game themed jewelry, but it also has tons of news and funny things about general gaming. Lots of WoW and portal references, but also has a bunch of Star Wars and Super Mario Bros. Anyway, interesting to skim over.

I know that you all are more into the conventional FPS/RPG/whatever style of gaming, but if you ever want to play a game just for the conceptual aspects, or the storyline, or the subtle nuances, check out: and the stuff they do

Also on tale-of-tales, check out their side links. They have a huge amount of interesting linkage, ranging from cute (in a Happy Tree Friends without the gore sort of way) to macabre (try zombies) to beautiful and shiny and things that are just generally aesthetically pleasing.

There we go. Links. Games. Stuff. 

In other news, I miss playing WoW. If I wasn't saving up all of my money for my trip to San Francisco, I'd be grinding so hard right now. Torrents are too slow. Blearg.

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