Monday, July 5, 2010

Yeah, I still own this shindig

Why you would dig someone's shins I can't say.

To say what the last guy did but better:
For those of you who play WoW with any of us, we are now on Us-Ursin.
Things to know:
the guild (which is not owned or operated by myself or Jed) is The Oasis Contingent
we are Alliance
if you do not like the above said faction, why don't you go read a razorblade. And by read I mean eat.
As best as I can figure out, Ursin has the following problems: Most of the alliance are in their 40s and married, so people who care about PVP are dead or not there. Good thing there are a million horde.
Oh wait.
The economy is okaaay I suppose, Silver doesn't sell for 200g a stack.

I could post something I made up here, but I haven't made a whole lot.
If I can figure out how to get my Flash up here....
Nope. Can't figure out how to do that.
OH well.
You could find it on newgrounds. It's bad.
Jimmy meets AkuAku I believe...

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